About Us

MAHTA Sp. z o. o. [Ltd] was established in 2009. Our aim is to provide credible scientific evidence necessary for responsible and fair decision-making on the reimbursement of health technologies. Fully aware of the responsibility we have, our top priority is quality and credibility of the HTA reports.

We combine long experience and expertise on Market-Access (MA) and credible assessment of diverse health technologies applying for reimbursement – Health Technology Assessment (HTA). The company name emphasizes the importance of the synergy between these two areas, as when we want to ensure the access to modern life-prolonging drugs and drugs improving the quality of life.

However, MAHTA is mainly driven by the people dedicated to their work, whose expertise and skills are constantly being built up. The backbone of the company is a group of specialists in medicine, pharmacy, public health, biology, mathematics, statistics, economic modeling and programing. Thanks to the experience gained while working for the public payer, MAHTA can meet the expectations of the decision maker in the scope of presenting the evidence for reimbursement decisions in Poland. While being former employees of pharmaceutical companies, we have a unique knowledge of the approach and expectations of our business partners, related to the reimbursement process.

We combine the experience gained while working on both sides of the reimbursement process with the expertise and analytical, statistical and mathematical knowledge. As a consequence, we prepare analyses and economic models based on data from clinical trials reflecting the treatment benefits in the real world setting in which patients are treated.

MAHTA currently employs more than 20 people, most of whom have worked with us almost from the outset of the company. We are proud to say that the staff turnover in MAHTA is low, thus it is possible to continuously deepen the expertise, ensuring that the tasks entrusted to us are implemented at the highest level.



Our experience includes the preparation of pharmacoeconomic analyses in many therapeutic areas, as shown in the following diagram.


Since the very beginning, we have prepared various forms of analyses for medicines, special purpose dietary supplements and medical devices. The analyses have been performed not only for representatives of pharmaceutical companies, but also for the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System (AOTMiT), as well as for patient organizations and expert groups. Depending on the demand, we prepare diverse analyses tailored to the needs of our clients, starting from feasibility study, preliminary analysis, rapid review, calculators and models, full HTA reports (created de novo) or selected components (selected analyses, input data analyses adapted to the Polish clinical practice, and ending with an audit of a report made abroad or by another Polish company). Our analyses may be performed both in Polish and in English language.

If necessary, the analyses prepared by our team are consistent with the Act of 12 May 2011 on Reimbursement of Medicines, Foodstuffs Intended for Particular Nutritional Uses and Medical Devices (Reimbursement Act), the Regulation of the Ministry of Health of 2 April 2012 on minimum requirements regarding analyses included in reimbursement applications and with the Polish Guidelines for conducting Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

We are a trusted partner for our Customers. We frequently participate in all stages of reimbursement process, i.e. ensuring the availability of the drug on market by planning the reimbursement strategies, preparing full reimbursement documentation, including HTA report and proposing risk-sharing scheme, filing reimbursement applications and preparing our Customers for negotiations with the Economic Commission. What is more, we often participate in meetings with the various members in the decision making process, such as the analytics from the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariff System, Economic Commission and the Ministry of Health.


Our publications


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